Spells are a part of nature, nothing bad. With spells, you do very wonderful things. These are a list of spells:

Fireball (Fire Magic) (Common)

Red Sparks (Arcane Magic) (Common)

Sword of Power (Air Magic) (Normal)

Lightning Bolt (Air Magic) (Rare)

Lightning Blast (Air Magic) (Rare)

Lightning Strike (Air Magic) (Rare)

Arcane Bolt (Arcane Magic) (Common)

Firebolt (Fire Magic) (Normal)

Fire Shield (Fire Magic) (Normal)

Shield of Light (Sacred Magic) (Normal)

Fire Blast (Fire Magic) (Normal)

Will of Art (Arcane Magic) (Rare)

Illumination (Sacred Magic) (Common)

Magical Kinesis (Arcane Magic) (Rare)

Call of the Eagles (Arcane Magic) (Rare)

Blinding Light (Sacred Magic) (Rare)

Burning Hand (Fire Magic) (Common)

Frostbolt (Water Magic) (Rare)

Frost Shield (Water Magic) (Rare)

Arcane Wisdom (Arcane Magic) (Rare)

Wind Blast (Air Magic) (Rare)

Wind Bolt (Air Magic) (Normal)

Gust of Wind (Air Magic) (Common)

Ring of Fire (Fire Magic) (Rare)

Entangling Roots (Nature Magic) (Normal)

Fire Heal (Fire Magic) (Rare)

Water Blast (Water Magic) (Rare)

Water Bolt (Water Magic) (Common)

Water Shield (Water Magic) (Normal)

Ice Bolt (Water Magic) (Normal)

Ice Blast (Water Magic) (Normal)

Arcane Missile (Arcane Magic) (Normal)

Starfire (Nature Magic) (Rare)

Moonfire (Nature Magic) (Rare)

Frostnova (Water Magic) (Normal)

Impact (Air Magic) (Normal)

Fire Strike (Fire Magic)

Frost Strike (Water Magic)

Ice Strike (Water Magic)

Arcane Strike (Arcane Magic)

Arcane Explosion (Arcane Magic)

Arcane Reaction (Arcane Magic)

Hellfire (Dark Magic)

Removing Curse (Spirit Magic)

Chestblade (Air Magic)

Evocation (Arcane Magic)

Pushover (Air Magic)

Frostbite (Water Magic)

The Teleportation of Wisdom (Arcane Magic)

Cone of Cold (Water Magic)

Summon Spirit (Arcane Magic)

Summon Demon (Dark Magic)

Counterspell (Arcane Magic)

Ice Blizzard (Water Magic)

Fire Scorch (Fire Magic)

Ice Lance (Water Magic)

Soul Curse (Dark Magic)

Force Field (Air Magic)

Shockwave (Air Magic)

Magicking (Arcane Magic)

Wind Shield (Air Magic)

Wind Bolt (Air Magic)

Dark Shield (Dark Magic)

Dark Bolt (Dark Magic)

Light Bolt (Sacred Magic)

Dark Blast (Dark Magic)

Death Bolt (Dark Magic)

Death Blast (Dark Magic)

Doom Bolt (Dark Magic)

Doom Blast (Dark Magic)

Fire Ward (Fire Magic)

Focus (Arcane Magic)

Wrath (Nature Magic)

Hurricane (Nature Magic)

Healing Touch (Nature Magic)

Corruption of Darkness (Dark Magic)

Holy Blast (Sacred Magic)

Holy Bolt (Sacred Magic)

Holy Light (Sacred Magic)

Ice Barrier (Water Magic)

The Curse of Weakness (Dark Magic)

Life Tap (Dark Magic)

Shadow Bolt (Dark Magic)

Shadow Blast (Dark Magic)

Force of Shadow (Dark Magic)

Wind Wave (Air Magic)

Scorching Pain (Dark Magic)

Howl of Terror (Dark Magic)

Death Coil (Dark Magic)

Death Wave (Dark Magic)

Army of the Dead (Dark Magic)

Water Flood (Water Magic)

Snow Storm (Nature Magic)

Anchor Blast (Air Magic)

Dragon Breath (Fire Magic)

Ghost Blast (Dark Magic)

Divine Shield (Sacred Magic)

Divine Blast (Sacred Magic)

Divine Bolt (Sacred Magic)

Force of the Light (Sacred Magic)

Light Shock (Sacred Magic)

Holy Shock (Sacred Magic)

Runic Blast (Rune Magic)

Runic Bolt (Rune Magic)

Runic Shield (Rune Magic)

Life Bolt (Nature Magic)

Death Twist (Dark Magic)

Ghoul Strike (Dark Magic)

Earth Strike (Nature Magic)

Death Strike (Dark Magic)

Necromancer's Blast (Dark Magic)

Lifebane Strike (Dark Magic)

Shadow Strike (Dark Magic)

Chaos Storm (Dark Magic)

Energy Burn (Arcane Magic)

Chain Lightning (Air Magic)

Lightning Javelin (Air Magic)

Flare (Fire Magic)

Arrow Flight (Air Magic)

Vampiric Touch (Dark Magic)

Ring of Frost (Water Magic)

Frostfire Blast (Frost-fire Magic)

Frostfire Bolt (Frost-fire Magic)

Felbolt (Dark Magic)

Shadow's Lament (Dark Magic)

Guardian's Ward (Air Magic)

Lightning Storm (Air Magic)

Inner Fire (Fire Magic)

Scribe's Spark (Arcane Magic)

Destructive Blast (Air Magic)

Guard of the Spirit (Sacred Magic)

Shield of Anor (Sacred Magic)

Wrath of Anor (Sacred Magic)

Wind Control (Air Magic)

Lesser Heal (Sacred Magic)

Smite (Sacred Magic)

Renew (Sacred Magic)

Mind Blast (Dark Magic)

Resurrection (Sacred Magic)

Dispel Magic (Sacred Magic)

Blessed Healing (Sacred Magic)

Holy Fire (Sacred Magic)

Holy Nova (Sacred Magic)

Lightwell Renew (Sacred Magic)

Greater Heal (Sacred Magic)

Travel Form (Nature Magic) (Animagus)

Tranquility (Nature Magic)

Tiger's Fury (Nature Magic) (Animagus)

Thorns (Nature Magic)

Revive (Nature Magic)

Lifebloom (Nature Magic)

Cyclone (Nature Magic)

Clear Casting (Arcane Magic)

Earth Shock (Nature Magic)

Wind Shear (Air Magic)

Lava Burst (Fire Magic)

Rain of Fire (Fire Magic)

Fear (Dark Magic)

Soul Fire (Fire Magic)

Holy Wrath (Sacred Magic)

Water Twist (Water Magic)

Dragonfire Blast (Fire Magic)

Water Control (Water Magic)

Acid Splash (Dark Magic)

Acid Storm (Dark Magic)

Arrow Blast (Arcane Magic)

Blackfire (Dark Magic)

Blast of Flame (Fire Magic)

Blast of Force (Air Magic)

Bless Water (Sacred Magic)

Brilliant Aura (Arcane Magic)

Cyclonic Blast (Air Magic)

Emerald Burst (Nature Magic)

Fire Storm (Fire Magic)

Water Storm (Water Magic)

Hand of Divinity (Sacred Magic)

Holy Aura (Sacred Magic)

Holy Sword (Sacred Magic)

Heart of Stone (Arcane Magic)

Owl's Wisdom (Teleportation)

Holy Word (Sacred Magic)

Word of Chaos (Dark Magic)

Holy Bless (Sacred Magic)

Disarm (Air Magic)

Sunlight Blast (Fire Magic)

Rune of Death (Rune Magic)

Rune of Light (Rune Magic)

Rune Blast (Rune Magic)

Dark Command (Dark Magic)

Light of Eru (Sacred Magic)

Sianos Ikanos Koranos: Dark Blast (The High Magic)

Sianos Ikanos Foranos: Light Blast (The High Magic)

Thunderstorm (Air Magic)

Unholy Bolt (Dark Magic)

Unholy Blast (Dark Magic)

Elune Bolt (Nature Magic)

Faerie Fire (Nature Magic)

Elune Blast (Nature Magic)

Charge of Darkness (Dark Magic)

God's Strike (Sacred Magic)

Ignite (Fire Magic)

Earthquake (Nature Magic)

Water Flood (Water Magic)

Phoenix Burn (Fire Magic)

Mana Flood (Arcane Magic)

Crucible Strike (Dark Magic)

Demon Strike (Dark Magic)

Horcrux Strike (Dark Magic)

Comet (Nature Magic)

Phoenix's Tears (Sacred Magic)

Holy Twist (Sacred Magic)

Light Rain (Sacred Magic)

Light Flood (Sacred Magic)

Ring of Light (Sacred Magic)

Holy Rune (Sacred Magic)

Holy Slash (Sacred Magic)

Summon Angel (Sacred Magic)

Rune Strike (Rune Magic)

Rune of Darkness (Rune Magic)

Shadow Ward (Dark Magic)

Holy Ward (Sacred Magic)

Fire Slash (Fire Magic)

Wind Twist (Air Magic)

Waterblast Heal (Water Magic)

Wind Touch (Air Magic)

Blazing Starfall (Nature Magic)

Blinding Bolt (Sacred Magic)

Pinning Bolt (Arcane Magic)

Ice Javelins (Water Magic)

Thundering Roar (Arcane Magic)

Whirlwind (Air Magic)

Arcing Fire (Fire Magic)

Dragonfrost (Water Magic)

Swirling Stars (Nature Magic)

Teleport Bash (Arcane Magic)

Fire Entanglement (Fire Magic)

Sun's Illumination (Sacred Magic)

Serpentine Blast (Dark Magic)

Horror Blast (Dark Magic)

Summon Blackfire Serpent (Dark Magic)

Overpowering Lightning (Air Magic)

Absorb Storm (Arcane Magic)

Guidance Spirit (Sacred Magic)

Lightning Shift (Teleportation)

Storm Burst (Air Magic)

Guardian Light (Sacred Magic)

Holy Strike (Sacred Magic)

Ravenfrost Strike (Sacred Magic)

Rune of Endless Fire (Rune Magic)

Word of Shielding (Rune Magic)

Word of Alliance (Rune Magic)

Rune of Roaring Fire (Rune Magic)

Rune of Healing Might (Rune Magic)

Word of Divine Victory (Rune Magic)

Frost Backlash (Water Magic)

Burning Blade (Fire Magic)

Lightning Clash (Air Magic)

Flamewall Strike (Fire Magic)

Shatterblade (Arcane Magic)

Strike of Divinity (Sacred Magic)

Silverlight Strike (Sacred Magic)

Inferno's Strike (Dark Magic)

Vorpal Doom (Sacred Magic)

Absorb Magic (Arcane Magic)

Lightwall (Sacred Magic)

Anti-Magic Aura (Arcane Magic)

Cloak of Sparks (Air Magic)

Forked Lightning (Air Magic)

Wall of Lightning (Air Magic)

Earth Healing (Nature Magic)

Animate Dead (Dark Magic)

Word of Stunning (Arcane Magic)

Rise of the Phoenix (Fire Magic)

Aura of Restoration (Nature Magic)

Cloak of Shadows (Air Magic)

Repond (Arcane Magic) (Staff)

Detect Magic (Arcane Magic)

Faerie Fire (Nature Magic)

Longstrider (Nature Magic)

Magic Stone (Nature Magic)

Fire Trap (Fire Magic)

Death Ward (Nature Magic)

Slow Fall (Arcane Magic)

Ancestral Spirit (Nature Magic)

Spirit Travel (Spirit Magic)

Far Sight (Spirit Magic)

Lightning Shield (Air Magic)

Life Bolt (Nature Magic)

Lifebloom (Nature Magic)



Count: 260