Famous Sorcerers and Sorceresses of History===

Master Merlin (Master Sorcerer) (Good) (Stuck in a tree with a nymph who loves him)

Hecate the Powerful (Grand Sorceress) (Neutral) (Resides in Shadow Realm)

The Witch of Endor (Grand Sorceress) (Evil) (Resides in Wizarding World, seeking the Philosopher's Stone)

Morgana Le Fay (Grand Sorceress) (Evil) (Unknown)

Nicolas Flamel (Grand Sorcerer) (Good) (Deep Sleep in Wizarding World)

Septimus Agorius (Grand Sorcerer) (Good) (Resides in Four Kingdoms)

Hermes Tresmegistus (Grand Sorcerer) (Good) (Unknown)

Atlantes the Evil Sorcerer (Grand Sorcerer) (Evil) (Unknown)

Cassandra the Entangler (Grand Sorceress) (Neutral) (Resides in Sun Realm)

Professor Esgalanu (Grand Sorcerer) (Good) (Resides in Wizarding World)

Master Lothven the Archdruid (Grand Sorcerer) (Good) (Resides in Wizarding World)

Faustus (Grand Sorcerer) (Good) (Unknown)

Durion the Dark (Grand Sorcerer) (Evil) (Dead)

Mirven (Grand Sorcerer) (Evil) (Resides in Wizarding World)

Circe the Sorceress (Sorceress) (Evil) (Resides in Wizarding World, once was very powerful, now not)

Albus Dumbledore (Master Sorcerer) (Good) (Dead)

Merlin is the most powerful magician in all of history, there is none that could overpower him.

Master Sorcerer: The master sorcerer is the best sorcerer in the universe.

Grand Sorcerer: The grand sorcerer is the best sorcerer in his realm.

High Sorcerer: An high sorcerer is a very powerful sorcerer.

Sorcerer: A sorcerer is someone who knows a lot of spells.

Mage: a mage is a former apprentice who is learning magic and knows a few spells.

Apprentice: an apprentice is someone who is learning magic.